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Eco Credentials

Compostable PLA Lids for Ecotainer™ Hot Cups

Compostable PLA Lids for Ecotainer™ Hot Cups

Sipper Dome Compostable PLA plastic lids Colour:  White Compostable To fit 10,12,16 & 20oz cups Case Qty:  1200 .
Rating: 0
LHRDE16 10,12,16 & 20oz
Price: £29.95
Ecotainer™ Cup Buddys

Ecotainer™ Cup Buddys

Pre-assembled sleeve to be used with Ecotainer™ Hot Cup range Ideal for takeaway drinks To fit 10, 12 or 16 oz cups Made from 100% recycled kraft paper Recyclable and compostable Case quantity:  1,200 .
Rating: 0
RSK20 Fit 10/12/16 oz
Price: £38.60
Enviroware™ Wooden Stirrers: 2 sizes

Enviroware™ Wooden Stirrers:
2 sizes

Made from 100% natural wood Biodegradable 6mm wide wooden stirrer suitable for all hot drinks 5.
Rating: 0
N1088 5.5" (10,000 in boxes)
Price: £32.15
N1087 7.5" (5000 in boxes)
Price: £29.40
N2911B 7.5" (10,000 in bags)
Price: £24.30
Clear Cold Drink Cups and Lids:9 Sizes

Clear Cold Drink Cups and Lids:
9 Sizes

Eco-friendly, clear PLA cold drink cups High clarity, strong and ideal for any cold beverage Available in 9 tumbler sizes with various lids Case quantity:  1000 (5fl oz cup is 2000) .
Rating: 0
R150Y 5oz - 76mm diameter
Price: £53.60
C96DB Domed lid with slot
Price: £31.67
C96NS Flat lid no slot
Price: £26.35
C96 Flat lid with slot
Price: £26.35
C76DX Domed lid with slot
Price: £25.50
C76NS Raised flat lid-no slot
Price: £25.50
C76 Raised flat straw
Price: £25.50
R700Y 24oz - 96mm diameter
Price: £109.75
R600Y 20oz - 96mm diameter
Price: £96.60
R500Y 16oz - 96mm diameter
Price: £71.20
R360Y 12oz - 96mm diameter
Price: £59.75
R300Y 8.8oz Sq 96mm diameter
Price: £56.20
R280Y 9oz Tall - 76mm diameter
Price: £45.63
R250Y 8oz - 76mm diameter
Price: £37.30
R200Y 7oz - 76mm diameter
Price: £35.15
C96DNH Domed lid no slot
Price: £31.67
PLA Combination Lids & Portion Pots

PLA Combination Lids & Portion Pots

Combination portion pot and domed lid fits all 96mm Diameter PLA cold drink cups, including 8.
Rating: 0
R60Y Portion Pot Insert
Price: £45.50
RBC96 Lid for Portion Pot
Price: £36.07
PLA Deli Containers & Lids: Various Sizes

PLA Deli Containers & Lids:
Various Sizes

Round Clear PLA deli pots available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz & 32oz Perfect compliment to marketability of organic or fresh produce Other sizes/shapes available as non-stock item Case quantities:  600 Lids sold separately .
Rating: 0
PRDC08 8oz container
Price: £50.40
PRDC12 12oz Container
Price: £56.20
PRDC32 32oz container
Price: £97.60
PRDC16 16oz container
Price: £64.45
PRDLID Lids for 8/12/16/32
Price: £34.55
PLA Round Salad Bowls and Lids:Various Sizes

PLA Round Salad Bowls and Lids:
Various Sizes

Clear, round PLA salad bowls.
Rating: 0
P360 12oz bowl
Price: £68.50
P500 17.6 oz bowl
Price: £82.55
C121 Lid for P360 & P500
Price: £42.50
P600 21 oz bowl
Price: £60.20
P700 24.6 oz bowl
Price: £70.25
C143 Lid for P600 & P700
Price: £35.10
Kraft Tuck Top Salad Box - 650ml

Kraft Tuck Top Salad Box - 650ml

Pefect for salads and pre-prepared salads Attractive presentation in neutral disposable packaging.
Rating: 0
01/SPITKR 12oz bowl
Price: £47.35